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Carpet and Laminate Floors

Carpets have evolved over the years, as technology has improved. Today, there are several different options when selecting the right carpet for your home or office. Most of the time, people focus on the color and feel of the carpet. With that though, are several qualities people should pay attention to when selecting new carpeting.

Today’s carpets can be thin and virtually waterproof, or they can be thick, plush, and soft. Most carpet is produced from petroleum based materials, and these carpets provide a long life and are stain and liquid resistant. A new type of carpeting that is actually softer and more durable than synthetic fiber carpeting, is wood based carpeting. However, this carpeting is expensive and thus only accounts for about 1% of all carpet installed.

Laminate flooring is a great choice for homes or businesses that need a durable solution for high traffic areas. Most of the time, laminate comes with printed patterns, and often are made to look like wood grain. The quality of laminate flooring has increased over the last 30 years, and today, laminate is very durable, cost effective, and can look deceptively real.

In terms of heat and sound, carpeting provides more warmth in the room, as well as dampen and absorb sound. For rooms with an “echo” because of sound waves bounces off of all hard surfaces in the room, carpeting will drastically help in reducing the effect. Laminate flooring does transmit more sound and feels cool to peoples bare feet. Thus, carpeting is typically used in bedrooms, whereas laminate is used in high traffic areas like the kitchen, bathroom, or hallway.

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