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Interior and Exterior Doors

Doors in your home, whether interior or exterior, make a statement about your home, and with today’s modern options, you can keep things beautiful and functional. In fact, one of those subtle accents that really make a difference in any home is a beautiful door. A door is one part of the home that rarely goes unnoticed by friends and family as they walk in. They tend to make a huge statement, whether in the bathroom, living room, bedroom, hallway or office. To ensure that they carry out the right impression, it is important that we pick the right doors – ones that fit your vision.

When selecting a new interior or exterior door, the style of the door is very important. This is one factor that can make a huge difference in the feel of a room. This may seem obvious, but a lot of people tend to miss it. You want your design choice to be both something that compliments the rest of the home, while at the same time standing out and making a statement. Don’t be afraid to use the door as an accent, with color, or styling.

Another important consideration is what the door is made of. There are options from Hallow core doors, to solid core doors, and metal and glass doors. All of these options have their strengths and weaknesses and they all vary in price.

  1. Hallow core doors are typically found on interior doors. They do not cut sound out as well as other types of doors, and they are not as durable, but they are normally the most inexpensive option for doors.
  2. Solid core doors are tough and durable, and they cancel out the most noise from adjacent rooms, but they are heavy and because they are solid wood, are more expensive. Another nice point in favor of solid core doors is their customizability. They can be carved and sanded to have designs and patterns that make your door unique.
  3. Finally, metal and glass doors can be a fun twist to the typical wood doors. Glass is used much more often in commercial use, but is found more and more in modern home designs. These materials are the most expensive styles of doors, but the ability to see through the door, and implement features like a color tint, or smoked look, really pulls a room together.

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